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How It Works

Our team has the unique position within the industry to maximize returns with tailored investment portfolios.

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Find Tailored Investments to Fit Your Goals

Our diverse selection of properties allows us to take the time to customize investments for each of our clients based on their individual wants and needs. After our initial meeting, we present you with custom-tailored investment opportunities that fit with your specific goals.

Our Approach

We at HMC believe you deserve a better investment. We love real estate and are committed to ensuring that our investments provide more than a great return on your money. At HMC, we take care of everything, so you don’t have to worry about anything. Once we have secured the funds for an investment, we take care of everything, including purchasing the initial investment properties, managing rentals, arranging to finance, and any other responsibilities that arise. At the end of the term, we take care of the sales, and all you do is collect the profits.

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Why Partner with HMC?

As one of the most trusted names in real estate, our team has decades of experience, and we have developed a team with the expertise and connections needed to get you the best possible returns on your investment. Due to our position in the industry, we can acquire single-family properties in high-demand markets throughout Ontario at reduced pricing.


We develop, lease, and manage the properties ourselves to optimize overall profitability. With this approach, we intend to minimize the impact of short-term vacancies (if any) with the goal of positive cash flow from our properties. The fact that they are not part of Rent Control allows us to continue minimizing rising prices, ultimately optimizing profits for everybody.

Getting Started

Getting Started

1 / Define your Investment Goals

Begin by filling out our comprehensive form to outline your unique investment objectives.

2 / Consultation

Schedule a meeting with one of our experienced team members for a personalized discussion on investment opportunities and next steps.

3 / Strategic Capital Deployment

With a clear understanding of your needs, we strategically deploy your capital into the right investment, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your financial goals.

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